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ModelMentors offers free modeling advice, shared by professional models who know the entertainment industry well. We feature insider modeling advice / modeling industry tips that cover a wide range of topics in the modeling industry. So whether you are an aspiring model, an experienced model, or somewhere in between- you will be able to find modeling advice that speaks directly to you.

We have tried to organize the articles into Modeling Advice ‘categories’. Instead of having to read every single article on the website, hopefully you can identify the categories that apply best to you, and dive into those articles first. But if you feel like reading every single article anyway- by all means. You overachiever, you!

Modeling Advice from Professional Models

Modeling Advice for Beginners

If you are new to the modeling industry and have no idea where to start, it can certainly seem overwhelming. We’ve been there! So to get you started, we have opted to share the following articles with your situation in mind. These address the most common questions that we receive from aspiring and beginner models.

Types of Modeling – What are all the different categories of modeling? Which do I fit into?
How to build a Modeling Portfolio – Every model needs a portfolio. Here’s how to build one.
What does TFP mean? – If you are just starting out as a model, you will likely hear this term.
How to become a Freelance Model – What if I can’t get signed to a Modeling Agency? Can I still make it as a model?
Models and Measurements – How do I take my measurements for my modeling stats?
What is a Comp Card? – What the heck is a comp card? Do I need one?
Branding Yourself as a Model

What are the best model portfolio websites? – In this digital age, an online modeling portfolio or website can help you book even more work. Which websites are best?
Modeling Agency Advice

Although not mandatory to be signed to a Modeling Agency in order to become a model, it is still the ultimate goal for many models- and with good reason. Modeling agencies (legit agencies, that is) are frequently able to procure well-paid, high-profile jobs for their talent roster.

Modeling Agency Directory – A list of Modeling Agencies, by state
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